Moving Picture Toy for Children

There were numerous volumes of The Boy Mechanic published in the early 20th century. Image from "Library Thing" website.

This article is from The Boy Mechanic Series of books by Popular Mechanics and Henry Haven Windsor. The first book was published in 1913.  I am trying to find out in which volume this article appeared. Thank you to crankie artist Katherine Fahey for sending to me. ❤

The article is interesting from a historical standpoint and I love reading ALL the old "how to" articles. However,  I must say there are easier ways to go about it than the instructions below,  so if you are making your first crankie,  I would visit the "Make a Crankie" section of the Crankie Factory website. If you do make a crankie following the directions below, please send some pictures or a video!  I would love to see it!