Rehearsing in the cabin.

One of the groups I perform with is Podorythmie. The name is Quebecois for "foot rhythms". We are a five member group hailing from the U.S., France and Canada.   Fiddle, accordion, songs and lots of hard shoe step dancing interspersed with crankie (moving panorama) shows makes the performances full of surprises.

Band Members:

Sue Truman - Fiddle, podorythmie, chief crankie maker

Pascale Lelong - Accordion, vocals

Prairie Wolfe - Fiddle, vocals, step dancing, podorythmie

Julia Derby - Guitar, step dancing, podorythmie, crankist and now maker of crankies too!CoolSmile

Cil Pierce - Guitar, step dancing, podorythmie

March 30th, 2017, honored to be invited to tell stories along with some incredible, master storytellers.
October, 2016 - Rehearsing for The NW Puppet Center's 3rd Crankie Fest. Photo by Doug Plummer. Left to right, Dejah Leger, Katherine Fahey, Dmitri Carter, Charlie Beck, Charmaine Slaven, Cil Pierce, Pascale Lelong, Julia Derby, Prairie Wolfe and me!
July, 2016 - Rehearsing tunes, dance and crankie for the Mission Folk Music Festival in Mission, British Columbia
July, 2016. Julia Derby and I gave a crankie workshop to puppeteers at the Felt-A-Con conference.
July, 2016 - Mission British Columbia. We had the great honor to perform at the Mission Folk Music Festival. This was our first crankie show in Canada.
May, 2016 - Northwest Folklife Festival Crankie Fest. This is the Heart in Hand crankie which combines quilt patches and fiddle tunes that share the same name.
May, 2016. We are rehearsing for the Crankie Fest at the Northwest Folklife Festival, May, 2016. Squirrel Buttter (Charmaine Slaven's foot powered crankie) Holler and Glen and Podorythmie.
Feb., 2016 - Seattle, Washigton. Here we are at The Garden House to a standing room only, wonderful audience. Julia, Cil and Prairie are stepdancing. You can see the crankie box is sitting on a old Singer sewing machine treadle (crankie) table which is sitting on a small stage to raise it up a bit. It turned out to be a good idea (on Julia and Cil's part) to do this as so many people showed up. I love the look of the treadle table but it's a bear to transport!! Crankie Kit maker Louis Leger and Barbara Leger were filling in for Pascale who was away.