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Written by Donna Melcher on Oct. 26, 2020
Hi there! This is a fab website! I am a very novice crankie maker and I see some black backgrounds that are not fabric and they don't seem like painted tyvek because they are so very opaque and seem to stand up to cutouts. I can't imagine any black construction paper on a big roll, so I'm wondering if you have any insight into how they are doing this! Thank you!!!!
Written by Christopher Hunt on Oct. 20, 2020
Hi Sue!

I sure do love your website, and the crankie world. Haven't seen one live yet, or made one, but I sure want to.

Do you have any info on how to build a crankie that can be operated hands-free, so that I could play a musical instrument and still make it go? I haven't seen anything like that in my search so far... Like a pedal, or a treadle, or something to work with my leg/knee/foot? Just wondering...

Stay warm out there!
Written by Sue Thomas on Sep. 13, 2020
Hi Sue
I'm starting on my first crankie roll and wondering how to calculate the finished length. The image needs to match a reading which is 03:28 minutes long. I'm sure the answer's a piece of string, but any advice would be gratefully received.
No previous experience, but in love with the whole genre.
Written by Judith Cotter on Aug. 23, 2020
What a fun workshop this weekend.
It sounded like you might share your powerpoint about crankies that you went back and forth with during your demonstration. Was wondering if that is possible. I love your work and have been a fan. Loved the mini crankies. Judith
Written by Sue Truman on Aug. 2, 2020
Hi Mindy! How nice of you to think of me with you extra fabric. I will send an email. Thank you!
Written by Mindy dwyer on Aug. 2, 2020
Hi Sue, I have a grab bag of fabric scraps if you’d like them?
Written by Charlotte on Jul. 13, 2020
Thanks for the matchbox crankie kit, I'm having so much fun!
Written by Andrew on Jul. 12, 2020
Love this site!

Do you know – is the Tyvek that people use also called "soft structure". Suppliers where I am located say there's a hard structure and a soft structure.
Written by Deborah on Jul. 10, 2020
How can I find out if anybody has a Crankie for sale that takes 18"W paper? I think I'll put out a request on your FB page too.
Written by Eugenio Navarro on Jul. 2, 2020
Hello Sue, today we premiere a Crankie show in our pupet theatre in Barcelona. It was to be premiered 5 days after our virus shut-down. It is an adaptation of "The Ugly Duckling", with puppets and a 12 meter moving panorama, all performed by an actress/puppeteer and with a specially composed music score. I started making the Crankie last October, your website has been very useful and inspiring. Thanks!
Written by Misha Nathani on Jun. 28, 2020

And the front
Written by Misha Nathani on Jun. 28, 2020

Sorry - photos here
Written by Misha Nathani on Jun. 28, 2020
Here is what the completed box looks like. All bits of scrap in the house or garage!
The box is a fruit box from Woolworths, base size A2 - 16.5 inches x 23.4 inches, depth 6 inches. Main spindles are empty kitchen wrap tubes, and spindles are locked in with short lengths of bent clothes-hanger wire.

I cut an A3 size hole in the box, but that’s too big, so the toy-theatre screen (copied from online and blown up) has an opening of 8 inches by 12 inches (small perhaps, but I’ll practise on this). And yes, the tension rods are now glued in!
Written by Sue Truman on Jun. 26, 2020
Hello Misha! Thank you for the compliment on the website, I appreciate it!

With the tension rods, with a wooden box that is not going to be disassembled, usually to rods are glued in.

I have several wooden travel boxes that come apart and for those, I don’t glue them in. However, I have found that when the scroll is cranked, it rubs against the tension rod which starts the rods rotating and sometimes they pop out and that stops the cranking!

So for your cardboard crankie, if you are not going to take it apart, I would glue them to the box.

Thank you and good luck’
Written by Misha Nathani on Jun. 26, 2020

Thank you for your enormously instructive and encyclopaedic Crankie Factorysite.
I’m an old fart down under in Melbourne, and am making a cardboard crankie. One question: do the tensioning rods have to be fixed and stationary, or can they be loose, and thus maybe rotate?

Stay well in these weird times.
Thank you again.

misha nathani