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FRIENDS: I hope you enjoyed this website. I would love to hear from you. If you have a question, or if you have a story to tell, leave a comment here. For the benefit of all, I usually respond here. Or, you can send an email to me: stepdancesue at gmail dot com. Find The Crankie Factory on Facebook and You Tube. I post a lot of crankie things on INSTAGRAM SueTruman1015. And by all means MAKE A CRANKIE! Thank you!

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Written by Emmy Reichgelt on Jul. 27, 2018
Today I made my very first Matchbox crankie. Thanks to this inspirational website! I already use a kamishibai for storytelling but I think I am in for my own crankie show! First I have to practise a little more!
Written by Cecilia Ford on Jul. 6, 2018
I like using scissors to form up shadow figures with simple construction paper. Just suits my natural way (from kindergarten ?) . Do you have recommendations for super Pesci delicate scissors. I am so tempted to use the small sewing scissors I inherited from my grandmother. So precise! But I remember the warning that I’ll ruin sewing scissors by using them on paper!
Written by Sue Truman on Jun. 28, 2018
To Rosalee Harlow: Thank you for the compliment. I'm sorry, I don't understand your message, let what go?
Written by Rosalie Harlow on Jun. 22, 2018
please don't please let this go. I like this. I like How you made the Doll house. that is my favorite so far.
Written by Sue Truman on Jun. 10, 2018
TO KATHLEEN WILLIAMS: Hi Kathleen! Most art stores sell rolls of 18" wide craft paper. That is the easiest to find and the least expensive. After you have illustrated the scroll, you might want to cover the back or the front with strips of clear contact paper. The kind you get at the hardware store. That will prevent tearing.

There are other options. If you go to the "Make a Crankie" page of this website, then click on "Material Choices for the Scroll" you will see other options.

Let me know if you have other questions
Written by Kathleen on Jun. 10, 2018
If I can get a carpenter to construct a box for me, how do I obtain the paper rolls? Do I need to get newsprint rolls to do this?
Written by Sue Truman on Jun. 4, 2018
TO KATHLEEN WILLIAMS: Thank you for your message. My friend Louis Leger was making crankie boxes but had to stop making them for various reasons. Dang! I don't have a resource for you. If one becomes available, I will send an email. You might ask around, someone with woodworking experience and tools may be able to make one for you. Sorry that I cannot be of more help right now.☹️
Written by Sue Truman on Jun. 4, 2018
TO RISA: Thank you so much for the compliment on the website. I am glad you are enjoying it and maybe you will make a crankie??😀
Written by Sue Truman on Jun. 4, 2018
TO NELA: Thank you for asking about materials for the scroll. There are lots of choices, all with their pros and cons. Tyvek is strong, won't tear and is easy to crank but a bit expensive. Paper is cheaper but not as strong, but you could always cover it with strips of clear contact paper. Here is a link to a page on material choices for the scroll from the Make a crankie section of this website. It will give you lots of options.
Written by Kathleen Williams on Jun. 2, 2018
I would like very much to create a story/song roll with my granddaughter and show it in a crankie box, but I'm not handy and the directions for making the box are intimidating. So I looked here from a google link saying I could buy a box.
The only one I find for sale is $1800 with a story role included. This is about $1700 more than my budget.
Is there actually a site that sells a full sized box? Like at least 14 inches wide?
Written by Risa on May. 23, 2018
Dear Sue!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! for having such an amazing, incredible, well organized, inspiring and educational site. What an incredible gift!
Written by Nela on May. 13, 2018
Hi, which kind of paper do you use for your crankie box?
Written by Sue Truman on Apr. 21, 2018
TO EIRENE MAVODONES RE: BUYING CRANKIE KITS: Eirene, thank you for asking about the crankie kits. Louis Leger is still making and selling them. He just closed his Etsy shop and is setting up shop through a different venue. I will send you an email and copy Louis so that you two can connect. Thanks again!
Written by Sue Truman on Apr. 21, 2018
TO DAVID DUHON OF THE CRANKIE COLLECTIVE: Hi David! I see you question about making copies of the scroll and then spicing the sections together. I only have experience with that with the small matchbox crankies. The scrolls are only 1 1/4 inch high! But for those I use Scotch Tape, the non-glossy finish which is less noticeable. I also put tape on both sides of the scroll so that when it is being cranked, the seam on the back does not catch on the spindle. Sounds like a great project! Let me know how it goes!
Written by Sue Truman on Apr. 21, 2018
TO MAGGIE HELTON: Maggie, I watched your Maud Muller crankie. What a wonderful tribute, I love it. Having made many crankies from fabric, I appreciate the work you have done. I love that the soundtrack is a recording of her voice. Fabulous!
I do not know of any crankie festivals on the horizon at the moment, I will certainly post on the home page here and also on the Crankie Factory facebook page. Maybe you should have one in your city! Are you in Austin? Cheers for now!