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Written by Sue Truman on Jan. 2, 2020
To Jamie Marshal: Hello! I am sorry, I don’t have more in depth instructions or a video tutorial... my apologies.
Sue Truman
Written by Jamie on Jan. 2, 2020
I have an interest in making a Frankie that I can use in my musical performances...I did live in the PNW- Tacoma area, and now reside in upstate N.H.

I saw the "plans" from Lulu on your site...but they are not very well done...true, they give one an "idea" of construction of a box...but does not go into detail on the attachment of the cranks, or how the mechanisms are constructed.

Wondering if there is an in-depth video? YouTube?

I'm now living in N.H. - by Littleton/white Mtns area.

Anyone here??

Thanks much,!

:) Jamie Marshall
Written by ALBERTO FAREGNA on Dec. 23, 2019
Salve ragazzi, artisti del crankie! Ma che meraviglioso sito e quante iniziative! Ho finalmente trovato il modo di coniugare la musica la storytelling il disegno. Costruirò un crankie e cercherò di illustrarlo.
Written by Sue Truman on Dec. 5, 2019
TO LINDA BOYLE: Hello! I am not aware of any mailing lists. Are you on Facebook? If so, check The Crankie Factory Facebook page, I share all the Crankie Fest info I can on that. Also, there is a Facebook Group page called Crankies in the Puppet World and Beyond. That is a good group to follow to find out about workshops and crankie festivals.

I will be teaching at several Folk Schools in 2020. As soon as the dates are confirmed I will post to the Crankie Factory home page.

Maybe you can come to one of my workshops. One will be in North Carolina and one in Wisconsin.❤️

Written by Linda Boyle on Dec. 2, 2019
Dear Crankists! I am interested in knowing about upcoming crankie/ folk festivals and workshops, especially in the U.S. and Canada. Are there mailing lists I Dan be on? I have missed 2-3 this year, finding out about them after the fact. I would appreciate your help and suggestions. Linda Boyle, Nemo, South Dakota.
Written by Sue Truman on Nov. 19, 2019
TO LAURA KORYNTA: I just remembered something about the Tyvek. It is pricey for a 24” X 150’ roll is $88.00 on Uline. A few years ago three of us went in on a roll to reduce the cost. We each got 50 feet which is usually more than enough for one scroll. Not sure if you know of an artist in you town who would want to go halves or thirds?
Written by Sue Truman on Nov. 19, 2019
TO LAURA KORYNTA: Thank you for the nice note!
Watercolors on Tyvek is tricky anyhow. I use watercolor on Tyvek with a sponge to do background sky, water or land. Trying to paint detail with watercolor would be difficult.

Regular craft paper on an 18” roll is fairly inexpensive. In the 19th century, they sometimes pasted muslin to the back of watercolored paper scrolls so that the scroll would not tear.

I have not tried that but it might be worth a try, muslin if fairly inexpensive....

Let me think about this a bit...

Written by laura korynta on Nov. 18, 2019
Hello Sue,
First of all thank you for such an amazing website! I refer to it often. I too became obsessed with crankies after watching Katherine's work. Right now I'm in the process of making my own crankie and struggling to find affordable paper that I can do painting on. I would like to do watercolor but cannot seem to find a paper that can handle it. Tyvek unfortunetly is too pricey for me. Do you have any recommendations? My crankie display will be 18 inches tall.
Written by Sue Truman on Nov. 5, 2019
TO DEENA: OK, sounds good!
Regarding the book, my article is one of 25 articles in the book by different authors. There are 3 articles about 19th century moving panoramas. The rest of the book is about other forms of panoramas. I just wanted to let you know. Cheers for now!
Written by Deena on Nov. 4, 2019
Thank you so much for the info, Sue! I learned about crankies from Sam Bartlett via my sister in California, and only later learned of his VT connection. Didn't know Pete Sutherland was a cranky/crankie person. And of course Bread & Puppet is a national treasure. I look forward to your book and will share my crankie when it is done.
Written by Sue Truman on Nov. 4, 2019
TO DEENA: Part 2! Somewhere along the way, someone, I don’t know who or when, began spelling crankie with an”ie”.

Peter moved to Vermont in the 1960s. You will find cranky artists from Vermont (Pete Sutherland, Rose Diamond, Sam Bartlett and many others, who have Ben performing crankies for decades- they spell it with a “y”.

I talk about crankie history in a book which will be available on Amazon this fall. “More Than Meets the Eye” (more info on the home page)

Best of luck and stay in touch!
Written by Sue Truman on Nov. 4, 2019
TO DEENA: Your crankie about moving panorama/crankie history sounds wonderful! If possible, send me a few photos when you are finished. I would love to see!

Peter Schumann, cofounder of the Bread and Puppet Theater named it a “cranky” (spelled with a “y” in the early 2960s in Brooklyn. His 1st cranky was called “The Rat” and he performed it on the streets of Brooklyn.
Written by Deena on Oct. 30, 2019
Hi Sue, Question for you: Any idea when the moving panorama became the crankie? Who coined the term and when? I'm making a crankie about the history of crankies, and I can't seem to find an answer to this question. Thank you for any direction you can point me
Written by Sue Truman on Oct. 15, 2019
TO MAGGIE HELTON: Thank you for the note and telling me about your adorable grandson’s crankie. I found a photo which I am posting here with your permission. I hope he makes more!
Written by Maggie Helton on Oct. 14, 2019
I wanted you to see the cranky that my 5 year old grandson made!