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Written by Sue Truman on Mar. 9, 2021

Regarding glue, you want a glue that remains flexible over time. A glue that does not mind being rolled up tight and then unrolled a year later.

I have used Aqua glue for the past five years. It is slow drying so that you can reposition things which is nice. However I ran out of that months ago and so now I am using Elmer's School glue from the drug store and so far so good.

Stay away from any glue that might dry very hard and then crack. Stay away from glue labeled extra strong, super duper, etc. Stay away from wood glue that dries hard as a rock! :-)

Good luck!
Written by Sue Truman on Mar. 9, 2021
Glad you liked the Kitchen Crankies workshop, I had so much fun putting that together.

For the black silhouettes, you could use plain old black construction paper, that works just great. The thinner the better. I used black Tyvek because I have a huge role, enough to last a lifetime!

I am going to talk about glue in the next box because these boxes don't hold a lot of text.
Written by Sandi Howell on Mar. 8, 2021
Hello Sue from Winnipeg! I greatly enjoyed your 8 examples webinar and have watched it twice. I am wondering for the crankies which use cutouts and black silhouettes, what paper do they use and what glue do you use?
Written by Sue Trman on Mar. 7, 2021
To Sarah Lee:
Hi Sarah! Thank you for asking. No, I am not making custom crankie right now. So sorry. If we decide to do that, I will contact you.❤️
Written by Sarah Lee on Mar. 7, 2021
Hi Sue,
Do you make custom crankies?
Written by Sue Truman on Feb. 11, 2021
Hi Sunny! OK, thanks for letting me know. I will email Justine to let him know and copy you. Sue
Written by Sunny Birklund on Feb. 11, 2021
I purchased a ticket but it doesn't appear to include a passwod. I have not received a link or other information about the mini crankie festival.
Written by Sunny Birklund on Feb. 11, 2021
I purchased a ticket but it doesn't appear to include a passwod. I have not received a link or other information about the mini crankie festival.
Written by Sue Truman on Jan. 25, 2021
Here is the website of Michael Hoyt in Minneapolis. Best of luck in your project.
Written by Sue Truman on Jan. 25, 2021
I would contact Mike Hoyt who did a wonderful crankie project for your state. Here is a little about that project. I will put how website in the next post.

Imagining Equity: Minneapolis 2040 Mobile Engagement Tool - Molly Van Avery and Mike Hoyt

In Minneapolis, artists Molly Van Avery and Mike Hoyt designed and built two crankies that work as a mobile engagement tool. Mike Hoyt would load the crankie boxes into a three wheeled bicycle and bike them to community events such as picnics, shopping malls, and concerts.

They would invite people to crank the crankies to see images of Minneapolis past and present and then draw or write their ideas about a Minneapolis in 2040 that is healing and reconciling from the negative impacts of inequity. The ideas and feedback generated by the crankies was given to City staff for the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update. Sue Truman
Written by David Nelson on Jan. 25, 2021
Hi Sue:

I am looking for some more information about artists that could create a Crankie for us here in Minnesota?
Written by Sue Truman on Jan. 11, 2021
Hello Gert! Look at the Folklore Village presentation. It is posted on the home page. I used wooden thread spools that were sawed in half. 1/4” wooden dowels fit into the holes in large thread spools. It’s tricky gluing them to the box. Run the wooden dowel through the box and into the spools to make sure they are lined up. Then add the glue but make sure glue doesn’t get on the spindle. Good luck!🧵🧵🧵🧵🧵🧵🧵
Written by Sue Truman on Jan. 11, 2021
Thank you for sending the photo! I love it and I really like your crankie box with the extra embellishments.
Regarding the Tyvek I use, it’s more like paper, rather than fabric. I buy white Tyvek from Uline, 24" X 150' roll. 7.5 mil, Type 10 G.
Thank you and best of luck! ❤️
Written by Gert Weil on Jan. 11, 2021
When I first looked at your site about 1/2 you had a lovely complete"tutorial" for a simple Crankie with old thread spool feet. Now I can't find it anywhere. I thought it had your intro image of the crow...Would you post it again? I was looking forward to a reason I kept those old wooden spools. Thank you!
Written by Barb pesavento on Jan. 10, 2021
Really enjoyed this website...
Made my first crankie with brown craft paper...beautiful but fragile...have been looking at tyvek but am confused between the tyvek and fabric tyvek..
Which do you recommend?
Thanks so much...