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Written by Sue Truman on Jan. 30, 2019
To Eddie Spaghetti: I posted your crankie to the Crankie Factory Facebook page and to the website. Good luck with your crankie-making!
Written by Sue Truman on Jan. 30, 2019
To Johanna from New York: It was good to connect with you on Facebook and email. I see that you posted a query on the "Crankies in the Puppet World and Beyond" Facebook group. I hope you get some responses. Good luck with your crankie event!
Written by Eddie Spaghetti Art on Jan. 29, 2019
Hi Sue. Yea i am a woodcut printmaker and my wife wrote the poem to coinside. Thanks for checking it out. Would you like to share it on your web site?
Written by Johanna on Jan. 28, 2019
Hi Sue: JohannaM from Artists in Partnership, Inc. here in Long Beach NY. I am trying to put together a Crankie weekend here on Long Island and was wondering if you might be able to suggest some NY artists who are working with this amazing genre? I am in preliminary conversations with artists in Baltimore and would like to get some locals on board as well. Any assistance would be most appreciated. Thank you! JohannaM
Written by Sue Truman on Jan. 28, 2019
To Eddie Spaghetti : I found it😊 It is very sweet. Did you do the artwork and write the poem? Sue
Written by Eddie Spaghetti Art on Jan. 26, 2019
Hi Sue. Thanks for writing back.
Is the link to my crankie on youtube.
I am at eddiespaghettiart
Thank you. I have several others that i have to get up there too. Working on it.
Written by Sue Truman on Jan. 24, 2019
To Eddie Speghetti: Hello! I would like to see your crankie! Yes, the link isn’t working for some reason. What is the title of the crankie? I could go to the you tube site and type in the title and get to it that way?
Written by Eddie Spaghetti Art on Jan. 23, 2019
Woops... Looks like my link isn't working on my youtube crankie. Do you have any advice? Thanks
Written by Eddie Spaghetti Art on Jan. 23, 2019
Hi Sue, I have a Crankie i would like to share. I was introduced to Crankies by Jody Best and The Confluence Art Center in Confluence, PA. Your web site is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
Written by Sue Truman on Jan. 16, 2019
To Jody Best: WOW!! Thank you for the wonderful message, that makes my day. I just shared your event on the Crankie Factory Facebook page and I will also add it to the website as soon as I can. CRANK ON!! I look forward to seeing pictures on your Facebook page. 😀❤️
Written by Jody Best on Jan. 11, 2019
Thanks for all the inspirations! Our small town (population 785) has been honored with performances from some of the nation's best crankie artists! We're looking forward to our fourth annual Festival of Panoramic Arts on February 9. It aall started with a visit to the Crankie Factory site!
Written by Sue Truman on Nov. 10, 2018
To Ket: Sorry that I misspelled your name in the message below. I need new glasses! It's on my list of "to do's" for this week. I can't find your crankie video on you tube or vimeo. I will send an email and you can send a link. Look forward to seeing it!
Written by Sue Truman on Nov. 9, 2018
To Betsy: Yay!!! I am so happy to hear this!❤️❤️ Let me know if you have questions or if you want to bounce ideas around. Can’t wait to see it!😀
Written by Betsy Brown on Nov. 9, 2018
Hi, Sue,

I am finally working on my cranky about my dog Ida. Jamie is building me a box, I made a miniature one for practice.
Written by Sue Truman on Nov. 9, 2018
Hi Kent! It looks great! If it is on YouTube or Vimeo can you email the link to me? Stepdancesue at gmail dot com. Thank you!! Look forward to seeing it!❤️❤️❤️