Seattle Crankie Festivals

NW Puppet Center's 3rd Crankie Fest - Oct. 1st, 2016. It was a sold out success. See pictures below.
The NW Puppet Center in Seattle, a magical place for a crankie fest. During intermission you could visit the museum and crankie merchants. Thank you to Dmitri Carter, Director of the Puppet Center. Oct. 1, 2016.
This is Katherine Fahey, telling a ghost story. We used live video projection so that everyone could see. There is a split second delay. The funny thing about this picture is that the skeleton head does not show up above in the projected image. There was a ghost in the box! :-)
Charmaine Slaven and Charlie Beck's crankie The Grey Goose was performed on a foot powered crankie box. Totally cool! 10/1/2016
Dejah and louis Leger, performing an old Quebecois song. Had the audience in stitches., 10/1/2016
PODORYTHMIE (Sue Truman, Pascale Lelong, Cil Pierce, Julia Derby and Prairie Wolfe) premiered Waves of the St. Lawrence using automatons in front of the crankie scroll. Loved doing this! 10/1/2016
This is Dmitri Carter, Director of the NW Puppet Center, historian and puppeteer and maker of crankies! Many thanks to him, the puppet center is a Northwest treasure.
2014 - East Meets West, Katherine Fahey comes to Seattle @ Empty Sea Studios
2014 - Rehearsal for the East Meets West show in Sue's living room. This is Greg Johnson with his Moving Panorama of Washington State, water color.
2014 - Louis and Dejah Leger performing at Empty Sea Studios in Seattle for the East Meets West show.
2014 special edition of matchbook crankies made by Katherine Fahey and Sue Truman for the East Meets West show.
2014 - mini crankie show in the cabin for some children. Getting ready for the East Meets West show at Empty Sea Studios.
Feb 14th, 2013
This was Seattle's first crankie fest at the NW Puppet Center, 2/14/2013, on St. Valentine's Day! Standing Room Only!
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