The Factory

What's happening at The Factory?

Lots, always!  Here are some of the crankies I perform with the group Podorythmie.

Barn Quilt Trail - 2015

WILD GOOSE CHASE quilt pattern.

Barn Quilt Trails are a recent phenomena in the US and Canada. A quilt patch design is painted on a large piece of wood and then attached to the side of a barn or other building.  The quit pattern usually has a significance to the building/location   A map of the locations is published and the viewers come! This has brought much needed money into a rural areas.  Find out more about them at

This crankie takes you along a barn trail viewing 10 locactions.  The audience receives a "tour map" so they can follow along to see the pattern name location. 

This is the HENS AND CHICKS quilt pattern at Fancy Chick Farm.
This is the PINE TREE quilt patter at the Hunter Tree Farm.
This is the Ohio Star, Bay Leaf and Garden Wreath quilt patterns along the home of Ida Red!

The Lace Maker - 2014

The flower basket and the lace at the bottom is vintage crocheted lace.

The Lace Maker premiered at the Northwest Folklife Festival, May of 2015.

The story tells of a young lace maker who immigrates from France to Quebec in the mid 19th Century.  She has the amazing ability see things in the lace that others can not see.  She can tell the future by looking into a piece of lace!

Vintage lace, burlap, felt and calico hand-stitched to Eco-Fi felt.  The scroll is about 60 feet long.

Felt, burlap, and lace bits.

Valse des Poeles (Waltz of the Stoves) - 2013

The waltz was composed by Simon Riopel.

This crankie is a celebration of winter. Shadow puppets act out  ice skating, snow ball fights and sledding.  Felt, lace and calico hand-stitched to a felt background and backlit. The beautiful waltz was composed by Simon Riopel of Quebec.

Valse des Sucres (Maple Sugar Waltz) 2012

This crankie shows maple sugaring in Quebec. Sugar shacks cooking down the sap night and day, winter festivals, music and dance.  The Good Neighbor Waltz was written by John Arcand and is also knows as the Maple Sugar Waltz.

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