CRANKIE FEST @ NW Folklike 2015/16

Rehearsal for 2016 NW Folklife
We had a crankie rehearsal at my home. Great fun!

Sat. May 23rd, 2015, 2:00 to 3:00 at Seattle Center

6/5/2015 - The NW Folklife Crankie Fest was a big success. All 200 seats taken. Six crankies were shown to one of the best audiences one could hope for. Magic was made.  Thank you to all who helped make it happen.

See pictures below!

CIRCLING UP THE CRANKIE WAGONS in the back room before the show. Thank you Dejah for snapping this picture.

Charmaine Slaven

Charmaine Slaven  is famous for clogging, playing guitar and singing at the same time.  Now has built a unique crankie box. Instead of cranking the scroll by hand, the scroll will be advanced by means of a foot pedal while she is singing and playing guitar. You can see a little of the detail in the picture.   She will also be accompanied by Charlie Beck on banjo and vocals.  Can't wait to see this! Check out their band websites for Squirrel Butter  and

Here's a picture from rehearsal. Charmaine and Charlie are singing a song called "The Pigeon".

Dejah Leger

Dejah Leger and her father-in-law Louis Leger return to Folklife.  Can't wait to see what Dejah cooks up this year.  Watch a short film about Dejah's crankies here. 

The Seattle Times wrote (and drew) a wonderful article about Dejah's crankies. Read it here.

Visit her website

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson, PhD  is a climate change scientist who, in his spare time, writes haiku and paints in watercolor.  He has brought all these things together by creating a crankie that summarizes the 2013 International Report on Climate Change.  It contains 19 watercolor images with accompanying haiku.  Read more about Greg's artwork  here.   He will be accompanied by Dejah Leger on guitar and myself on fiddle and Charmaine Slaven will be the crankist!

Sue Truman

I am back with two new crankies which feature  hand cut and machine cut Tyvek images, torn tissue paper images glued to white Tyvek.

I will be accompanied by the fabulouse Scottish Gaelic singer Rich Hill Slighe nan Gaidheal

and the faboulous piper Skye RIchendrfer on Scottish Small Pipes  Celtic Arts Foundation

Julia Derby will be the crankist while Sue is working the shadow puppets.

See a sneak peek below.

19th Century Images from Moving Panoramas and Magic Lantern Shows
Here is a sneak peek of one of my new Tyvek crankies featuring images that were commonly found in 19th Century moving panorama and Magic Lantern shows.