This page under construction.  The number of crankie artists is growing by leaps and bounds. Stay tuned!

You can watch videos from most of these artists in the WATCH A CRANKIE section of this website.  Enjoy!

Dejah and Louis Leger

Dejah with her father-in-law Louis Leger

Seattle, Washington - Dejah creates the gorgeous paper cut scrolls and Louis is the crankist!

Her father-in-law, Louise makes crankie kits for sale on Etsy.   To find out more, visit his page on this website.  Visit his Etsy shop crankiekit

They are in the family band La Famille Leger, bringing Acadian and French Canadian tunes and lore to the Northwest.

Hope & Anchor

From England, Hope & Anchor are Alex Goodman & Joanna Hope Bricher, often joined by other artists, writers and musicians. After meeting at Dartington College of Arts in 2008 they formed a printing and performing powerhouse. Check out their website

Peter Schumann

Photo by Clare Dolan.

Peter Schumann cofounded the Bread and Puppet Theater in 1963.  He began making crankies in the 1960s and is responsible for naming them crankys (spelled with a "y"). These early crankys inspired a "first wave" of cranky artists. 

The Bread and Puppet Theater is based in Glover, Vermont. They celebrated their 50th anniversary.  An article from the Christian Science Monitor in 2014, when the Bread and Puppet Theater were celebrating their 50th anniversary. Read it here.



Pamela Wyn Shannon

Pamela Wyn Shannon is a gifted singer, guitarist and artist from Wales.  Read about her crankies here.  Watch one of her crankies "Caravan Crankie Lullaby" here. Enjoy!

Pete Sutherland and Rose Diamond

Pete Sutherland and Rose Diamond -  From Munkton, VT, Pete  is an Affiliate Artist at Middlebury College. I've known Pete since the 70s.  Still a very inspirational fiddler.  He and Rose have worked with children at music camps to create wonderful crankies.  See an example in the "Made by Children" page here. Check's out his website Pete's Posse!

Brendan Taaffe

Brattleboro, VT Singer, instrumentalist (fiddle, banjo, guitar, mbira), crankie-maker! Watch one of his crankies on the "on-line crankie fest" page of this site.


Blair Thomas

Blair Thomas founded the national and international touring puppet theater company Blair Thomas & Co.  in 2002. Based in Chicago, IL, they have twice received the international UNIMA awards for excellence in the art of puppetry. Watch "The Blackbird" crankie in the "MOVING BACKDROPS" page.