Train Panoramas

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I am just starting to put this "train window moving panorama" page together. The first three moving panoramas are from the 19th and early 20th century. They are all "crankie-sized" moving panoramas meaning the scrolls are between 10 and 20 inches high. 

The second three examples uses this train window concept in a type of amusement park ride.

Thank you to independent researcher Suzanne Wray for sending volumes of information to me AND thank you to Erkki Huhtamo, author of the book Illusions in Motion.  I use his book often to check facts.

From London to Paris - A Toy Moving Panorama

From London to Hong Kong - Moving Panorama

Pyasetsky's Great Sibertian Railway Moving Panorama (1894-1899)

Trans-Siberian Railway Moving Panorama


Excerpt from the 1948 movie "Letter From An Unknown Women"
A three minute excerpt from the 1948 movie. It shows a couple in an amusement park where they are taking the train ride. The scenery that is passing by in the window is a bicycle-powered revolving panorama.

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