Sue Truman's Crankies

Hello! To see more of my crankies, (and other artists)  visit the The Crankie Factory You Tube Channel.  Here's the link.

2/1/2017 - I made this crankie a couple years ago and finally had an opportunity to film it. Stacey Gierman is singing the two Scottish Gaelic lullabies which come from the singing of Julie Fowlis. Machine cut and hand-cut black Tyvek images glued to a white Tyvek scroll with some tissue paper added for color. Inspired by the crankies of Katherine Fahey
The Black Cat Jig Crankie
Made in 2013. The tune was composed by Dan Compton and is played by Lisa Ornstien and Dan Compton. This was performed at a house concert in Seattle. The scroll is hand-stiched felt and fabric on a felt scroll.
Crankie Meets Hand-Cranked Phonograph
Tyvek scroll decorated with tissue paper and water colors. Images are machine cut and hand cut black Tyvek. This is one of my smaller crankie boxex, the scroll is 11" high.
Waves of the St. Lawrence - rehearsal
An excerpt of Wave of the St. Lawrence which premiered at the NW Puppet Center's 3rd Crankie Festival which I help to coordinate. It featured three automatons and an antique hand-cranked wind machine that belongs to Dmitri Carter of the NW Puppet Center.
Winter Crankie
I have been experimenting with combining automatons and other cranking things with the crankies!