Anna & Elizabeth

Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle

 Anna Roberts-Gevalt met Elizabeth LaPrelle in 2010 and the duet Anna and

Elizabeth was formed. They both shared a deep love of the music, singing and

people of the Appalachian mountains. As gifted singers, musicians and visual

artists, they were well equipped to lead the way for the "second wave" of crankie


Anna, had made a crankie in college and showed it to Elizabeth who was already an accomplished ballad singer. Elizabeth recognized its potential in accompanying her lengthy story-telling ballads. The illustrations would help the with audience follow the story through the many song verses. One of their first crankies Lord Bateman and the Turkish Lady demonstrates its effectiveness in accompanying the ballad.

They teach crankie-making workshops to children and adults, coordinate crankie festivals, and continue to pioneer new ways to present the art form. Their extensive touring in the U.S. and Europe has been instumental in increasing awareness of this art form.


Lost Gander
THIS DID IT TO ME!!! I saw this and I was hooked. Hook, line and sinker!
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Damn! Love this.
Lord Bateman
Another one of Anna and Elizabeth's early crankies - 2011 I believe. I have great admiration for their craftsmanship with fabric.