Make a Crankie!

Lace on Eco-fi felt, The Lacemaker crankie by Sue Truman

Hello Everyone! I receive many wonderful emails with questions from people making their first crankie. Here is some information to get you started. Best of luck to you!

Behind the Scenes

Have you wondered what a crankie looks like from inside the box?  I did when I was starting out. This page is a collection of short videos from "behind the scenes". View the videos here.

Make a Crankie Box

The crankie box can be any size from very small (match box size)  to very large (taking up a whole stage). There is no standard size.   This page has instructions for making a crankie box that will hold an 18" high scroll. Many thanks to Louis and Dejah Leger for providing the plans and pictures of their crankie box.  View it here.

Material Choices for the Crankie Scroll

Paper mosiac on rice paper by Ellen Gozian.

Pen and ink, watercolors, papercut silhouettes, fabric applique? The possibilities are endless.  Here are a some examples of materials you could use to make the crankie scroll.

Designing the crankie scroll

Valeska Populoh planned her crankie out on a miniature scroll that cranked before making the big one.

This section contains questions I have gotten from crankie artists just starting out.  I have shared some things that helped me in the beginning and I will be adding other crankie artist's information too. View it here.

Illuminating the Box

This is a battery operated LED camping lantern. One of many ways you can back-light the crankie scroll.

This section will give you some ideas of lighting the box. Crankies do not have to be back lit, but it's great fun to do so.   View the section here.

How to Make a Moving Panorama Show - 1910

Last but not least, here's a "how to" article from around 1910.  It comes from the Childre's Encyclopedia The Book of Knowledge.  Here's the LINK.

What could possibly go wrong? Everything! Dejah Leger was doing a school show when the spool broke. She was able to use a broom as a replacement. Resourceful gal!