Buy a Crankie Kit!

Louis Leger cranking one of his crankie kits. The paper cut scroll was made by his daughter-in-law, Dejah Leger.

UPDATE: 4/22/18 - Friends: Louis is still making and selling crankie kits. He closed his Etsy shop and is going to sell the crankie kits through a different venue. This should take a couple weeks. If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to send an email to me at stepdancesue at gmail dot com. - Thank you!


I often get emails from people wanting to know where they can purchase a crankie box.  I contacted my good friend Louis Leger and asked him if he might be interested in helping.  Louis performs crankies with his daughter-in-law Dejah Leger.  He's a retired elementary school teacher (music), accordion player and all around wonderful person (and not that cranky)! I was so excited when he said "yes"!

The crankie box holds an 18" high scroll and it comes with 20 feet of paper.

To purchase, visit his Etsy shop ( type in crankiekit. Or, here is the link. The kits are $75.00 plus shipping.  A very good price. 

Watch a 2 minute video of Louis putting the crankie box together.

The kit includes:

2 cedar planks

2 - 1" dowels

4 - 1/2 " dowels

2 keyhole inserts

2 cranks

Here is a crankie kit, ready to ship!

Here is the kit all wrapped up and ready to ship! And here's a bonus, if you plan to travel/fly with it, it is small enough to fit in an "overhead bin" suitcase.

Just as an aside, I am not receiving any funds, I just want people to be able to have a box to make crankies!  Crankies Rule!

La Famille Leger

Louis and one of his grand daughters.

Louis plays accordion and fiddle in the family band Le Famille Leger.  Based in Seattle, they are pillars of the Quebecois/Acadian/French Canadian music scene.  Louis maintains a blog about Acadian music on their website.  Check it out! Dr. Squeeze Blog.