Buy a Crankie Kit!



I often get emails from people wanting to know where they can purchase a crankie box.  I contacted my good friend Louis Leger and asked him if he might be interested in helping.  Louis performs crankies with his daughter-in-law Dejah Leger.  He is a retired elementary school teacher (music), accordion player and all around wonderful person (and not that cranky)! I was so excited when he said "yes"!

The crankie box holds an 18" high scroll and it comes with 20 feet of paper.

To purchase, visit his Etsy shop ( type in crankiekit. Or, here is the link. The kits are $75.00 plus shipping.  A very good price. 

Watch a 2 minute video of Louis putting the crankie box together.

Assembly only requires a hammer and a mallot.

The kit includes:

2 cedar planks

2 - 1" dowels

4 - 1/2 " dowels

2 keyhole inserts

2 cranks

Here is the kit all wrapped up and ready to ship! And here's a bonus, if you plan to travel/fly with it, it is small enough to fit in an "overhead bin" suitcase.


Just as an aside, I am not receiving any funds, I just want people to be able to have a box to make crankies!  Yay!!