Crankie Fest - East Meets West 2014

Crankie Fest - East Meets West, was performed Sept. 14th, 2014 at the Empty Sea Studios in Seattle, Washington.  East coast crankie artist, Katherine Fahey planned a visit to Seattle to see her brother and his family.  Katherine's art  has been influential to both Sue Truman and Dejah Leger so we HAD to have a crankie fest to celebrate!  Here was the line-up:

Katherine Fahey - "paper cut" crankies from Tyvek and tissue paper. (

Dejah Leger with Louise Leger  - paper cut crankies (

Sue Truman with Podorythmie -  crankies stitched from felt and fabric (

Gregory Johnson - a water color painted crankie (his first) entitled Panorama of Washington State. Greg (an oceanographer and climate change scientist with NOAA) doesn't have a website but he experienced international acclaim in 2013, for summarizing a 2,000 page climate report into 19 watercolor images with accompanying haiku. Read about it here

Katherine made this wonderful poster for the event.  The pictures below are from two rehearsals and the final performance.  The rehearsals were as much fun as the fest!




Rehearsal number one in my livingroom. Dejah is practicing the shadow puppetry for Katherine's crankie Elizabeth Whitmore.
This is Gregory Johnson narrating his Panorama of Washington State. We were so excited to have him perform at the fest!
This is some detail of Greg Johnson's Panorama of Washington State. This crankie reminds me painted moving panoramas of the mid 19th Century.
This is a scene from "The Lace Maker" created by myself and Podorythmie.
Rehearsal number two in my backyard cabin. Dejah and I practiced the shadow puppetry for Katherine's crankies. The audience was Dejah's two little girls and Katherine's niece and nephew and that's Greg Johnson on the left.
Another view of the cabin.
Katherine's niece made this adorable miniature crankie which she showed at the cabin rehearsal.
In the spirit of 19th century moving panorama shows, Katherine and I made tiny matchbox crankies for the audience. Some of the crankies were made from the outside sleeve of the box and some were made from the little drawer part of the box.
At Empty Sea Studios, Katherine Fahey, opening the doors for her first crankie of the evening.
Dejah Leger with her father-in-law Louis Leger performing her Mario Brothers crankie.
Heartfelt thanks to all the performer, the audience, my friends who helped me spread the word and to Michael Connelly of Empty Sea Studios.