Thank you to the artists for sharing your crankies!

Many thanks to the crankie artists around the world, for sharing your work with us.  Inspiring!

On-Line Crankie Fest

Created by Julie Vallimont called Bein' Green.

This is a collection of 18 crankies from artists across the US and beyond.  Click here to watch.

Gallery of Unusual Crankie Boxes

Deborah Hunt with one of her multi-scroll crankies!

This page features crankies with unusual boxes. Sometimes the design of the box is related to the story. Other examples are just unusual crankie boxes.  Here is the LINK.

Miniature Crankies

Some matchbox crankies made my me!

This is a collection of ten miniature crankies. The scrolls are between 1 and 5 inches high.  The boxes are made from a variety of materials and there is one late 19th Century moving panorama with a metal box.  Find them all  here.

Crankies with Puppets

Katherine Fahey and friend, behind the box with shadow puppetry.

In puppetry circles, crankies are sometimes called "moving backdrops". Shadow puppetry and other forms of puppetry can make the crankie come alive.  Watch them here.

Crankies Made by Children

This is Cayden Faavola cranking "The Holland Theater". photo by Chris Westoff

Ten crankies made by children in schools and music camps.  Some crankies accompany a song and some accompany a narrated story.  See them here.

A Curious Collection of Crankies About Crows

From Katherine Fahey's Crow River Song crankie.

Crows, among my favorite birds.  This collection of crankies includes folk songs, a poem, a Native American folktale and a 16th Century Scottish piping piobaireachd. Watch them here.