Cranking in Place

6/16/20 - This is the crankie I am working on now. It's about my new life at home (temporary)! I designed the box, my husband made the frame and then I added the feet, dowels, crank and paint. Two more scenes to stitch!

Feb. 21, 2021 - The past 6 months have been a blur of online activity.  I'm on a roll (no pun intended).  We are doing OK. I hope you are well, take good care.


I feel fortunate to have a roof over my head and food to eat. I am most grateful to healthcare workers and others that are keeping our city going during this difficult time. Thank you ❤


For some time, I have been wanting to make short films that combine the moving scroll, miniatures and shadow puppetry. A crankie shadow diorama?


During this stay-at-home time (in addition to my full time job and volunteer work) my husband and son, Richard and Michael Twomey, are helping me make these videos. They are all one minute or less in length.  I am trying to get the cats involved, we will see. 

I hope you enjoy.  Take good care ❤

Sue Truman


Bird Feeder Crankie - Oct. 24th, 2020
I collaborated with my next door neighbor, Doug Plummer, to create this crankie for the Seattle Children's Festival, Oct. 24-25, 2020. I adapted a bird feeder and put some letters on the scroll. Doug did the filming in his bird garden, edited to footage, composed and played the music. One of the easiest crankies I have made, thank you Doug!
Naming the Lost Memorial - August, 2020
My neighbor, Doug Plummer and I submitted this to the Naming the Lost Memorial. I chose to honor four health care workers in the Puget Sound Area who where lost to COVID-19. It was filmed in my backyard and is backlit with candlelight. Doug filmed and edited + composed and played the music.
Other Ways to Use Your Suitcases - July 25th, 2020
July 25th, 2020 - All my wonderful crankie gigs are cancelled. My bags are unpacked but not put away...
Staying at Home Crankie - July 12th, 2020
July 12th, 2020 - This is my life right now and I am grateful for it!
The Time is Always Now - June 3rd, 2020
“There is never a time in the future in which we will work out our salvation. The challenge is in the moment, the time is always now.” This quote is from novelist, poet and activist James Baldwin (1924-1987). It seemed particularly apt after the senseless murder George Floyd and the protests that followed and are still happening in Seattle and all over the world.
Mt. St. Helens 40th Anniversary Crankie - May 18th, 2020
The State of Washington Parks Department, along with others had been planning a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the eruption for a year and a half. Then the pandemic hit and the park and Washington State in general was closed. The organizers switched to an online event and I was honored to be asked to create a crankie for it. The event was held at 18th, 2020.
We Isolate Now - Crankie , May 17th, 2020
May 17th, 2020 - This haiku was written by a friend of a friend.
Into the Garden I Go - May 8th, 2020
May 8th - I adapted this quote from the writings of naturalist John Muir. I have always found nature and gardening very therapeutic and I am especially grateful for it right now.
Mask Makers' Tribute to Healthcare Workers - April 20th, 2020
April 20th, 2020 - Fellow mask maker and Scottish Gaelic singer Stacey Gierman allowed me to use a verse from her CD "When I got to the Village"'. Thank you Stacey! I have been making masks for clinics, hospitals and friends. It's clear this will be going on for quite some time. A long term project, I am glad I can help in this small way.
Coffee Helps, That is All - April 7th, 2020
April 7th, 2020 - This is Seattle, the coffee capital. This daily ritual helps during this unsettling time.
Reading Gives Us a Place to Go - March 28th, 2020
March 28th, 2020. This quote is from Mason Cooley. I had been saving this "box book" for years, I knew I would use it sometime. When this quote came up in my Facebook feed, I knew I have found a use for it!
Jenny's Chickens - February 8th, 2020
Feb. 8th, 2020 - This filming took place one month before the pandemic took hold. I had been collecting all these things for years: the hand carved chicken, the kickin chicken limberjack and the Russian folk toy chickens (on the paddles). Little did I know, I would have more time on my hands in the not too distant future, to focus on these smaller pieces.

This page initially created April 6th, 2020   Sue Truman


Special thanks to my husband and son, Richard and Michael Twomey, for helping me with these videos by filming, cranking and shadow puppeteering.