Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what a crankie or moving panorama looks like from behind the box?  I know I did when I was just starting out.  This is a collection of videos and pictures from "behind the scenes". 

Switching Crankie Spools
This is Julia Derby from the group Podorythmie, demonstrating how we switch crankie spools. Everyone's crankie box is a bit different. Richard Twomey made this crankie box and it was designed to hold large scrolls made from felt. Stay tuned for more examples.
Using Shadow Puppetry with Crankies
For more information about using shadow puppetry with crankies, visit the "CRANKS AND SHADOWS" page of this website.
Loading a Paper Scroll Into a Crankie Box
Dejah Leger demonstrates loading a paper scroll into the crankie box. The box was made by Louis Leger. Watch Dejah's beautiful paper cut crankies at her website and at website.
This is a 19th Century moving panorama is from the collection of Erkki Huhtamo, Historian, Media Archeologist and Exhibit Curator. This is the only time I have seen the scroll advanced by means of string, pulleys and a crank. Visit his new website
This is a recreation of the 19th Century Pilgrim's Progress moving panorama. The original panorama exists, but it is too fragile to crank. A reproduction was made. Find out more at the Pilgram's Progress page on this website (in the Moving Panorama section and also the Saco Museum website
Lost Gander crankie by Anna and Elizabeth
Created by Anna and Elizabeth, this film brings out the magic of crankies. It has a few short glimpses of the back of the box. You will see that they are illuminating the box with candles!!! Very 19th Century and very cool!

This page was created in 2014, updated 2019. Sue Truman❤